Why your car service never works out the way you plan

Audi Car ServiceBuy a new car or a second hand that is not the problem but taking care of it is a more important thing. Every car need service when it requires and definitely for sure people are doing it regularly when it needed, but most of the time it does not work out the way you plan and you have to service your car again before you plan. So here I come with some tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary car service.

Take Action on Small Issues Before It Become Huge And Hurt Your Pocket

At the time of drive if you noticed the persistent noise, feel steering wheel judder or your car drag to one side.
All this small thing need to be care because it’s all are just beginning but if you avoid it so it’s become the giant issue, early detection of the problem will not harm your car as well as your pocket but delayed will cause a big problem.

Always check tyre pressure

It’s only tyred which move you to go on, technically it’s the last piece of the process of your car at the time of turning or breaking. Tyres should be inflated properly given in its manual. If its pressure is not proper as describe will definitely affect your fuel consumption, also you face problem at the time of breaking.
If you don’t know the recommended tyre pressure, ask to tyre, it’s written on each tyres side wall. It’s also provided on the label stick on the door jam of your car.

Check Oil

Oil works for an engine like running blood in our heart. It should change regularly as describe in your logbook. It’s the only way to keep your engine as good as possible and maintain your car’s performance.
If you didn’t change your oil on time and it gets dirty will decrease the engine’s efficiency. Engine need to work hard to moving its parts and it generates more friction, this all things reduce its performance and in future hurt your pocket as well.

Check Fluids

Above we discussed oil that how much important it is for your car but it’s not the only fluid which needs to take care. In a car, you need to check coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid.
If you don’t know how to check them so check your handbook, it’s the only friend which can help you to understand your car’s features. In this, you can check how to deal with all this fluid, how to check its fluid level and all other things related to your car.

Drive with Manner

Follow all above things like a small issue, fluid, tyres etc. It’s not done yet because at the end this thing depends on your drive. If you drive like you are on a racing track and drive some racing car so it won’t good for your car’s health.
Smooth drive and proper braking will increase your car’s life.

Protect your car from the Sun

In Australia feel like the sun is down towards to us and it too hot to continue for humans at times, but that is not only tough for humans as well as cars also. Usually, at home, we protect our car with carport or park in or garage but you can’t take it all the way far away from your home.
So, now what you do if you are not at home, at this time we have to find such good place to park your car which can be good for your paintwork and interior. Too hot weather will definitely harm your car’s paintwork and it’s interior and you will protect it.

Air filter

The air filter is work like a shield and protects your engine from foreign bodies to entering into it. It’s very important part of your car and its need to be changed after every 20,000 km to make your engine fit and healthy like you. To replace an air filter is not a rocket science, it can be changed by anyone by go through your handbook.
If you don’t take it seriously, so your engine will not take you seriously and harm your pocket and your car indeed.


BDS Autocare, We suggest you all the basic rule to make your car service worth your money and not to harm your pocket much. But if you need to know all things in detail and make your car’s life good then visit our service station where we can service all type of cars mostly Audi and BMW with modern amenities and our experienced technician will take care of everything.
We serve at different places in Melbourne like Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown, Geelong and Point Cook.

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