Avoid Clash with Death – Follow the tips for Car Roadworthiness

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Avoid Clash with Death – Follow the tips for Car Roadworthiness

Who would like to have a near death experience with their new car (be it fresh or second hand)? I don’t think any of us would want to go through such an experience. Hence it is very important to get the Car checked for Roadworthiness and obtaining the required Certificate to avoid unpleasantness in the future. There are some important points to be noted so that the Car remains in the proper condition and you can have a safe drive.

Roadworthy Certificate is a must whether you are in Victoria Melbourne or Queensland. The test regulations are different between states and territories but the aim is the same, to check if the Car is safe to be driven or not. In Queensland, it is called Safety Check instead of Roadworthy Test.  The Certificate is issued by a license vehicle tester only. The Roadworthy test is required in the following scenarios:-

  • registration renewal
  • initial registration
  • vehicles previously registered in another state or territory
  • selling a vehicle
  • lapsed registration
  • vehicle modifications
  • a defect notice

As a vehicle owner, it is your prime responsibility to see that the Car is roadworthy and there are no defects. Always be aware of the functioning of your Car and be prompt in sensing any difficulties. This helps in avoiding any unwanted major repairs of the Car. Get your Car for periodic maintenance so that at the time of Roadworthy test the Car is in the best condition. It must be ensured that the Car is taken to a registered vehicle tester who will do the Vehicle Inspection before it hits the roads for regular travel purpose. If in Melbourne, then there are a number for excellent Car Services at Hoppers Crossing who is licensed vehicle testers.

The safety or roadworthy test looks into the below areas of the car:-

  • Condition of tyres
  • Brake Defects
  • Vehicle body rust or damage
  • Windscreen chips and cracks
  • Faulty Lights
  • Oil Leaks
  • Non-Secure Seats or Seat-belts
  • Excessive Smoke and Noise

The above checks will ensure protection to the buyer of the vehicle and avoid unwanted crashes on the roads caused by unsafe vehicles. Following these checks will also help you avoid failing the roadworthy test and will also prolong the life of your Car.

For a happy and safe travel on the road certain checks are necessary so that everyone enjoys the ride.

Avoid Unneeded Wallet Busters

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Avoid Unneeded Wallet Busters

People remember accidents, but drivers remember the near misses…Sure, you don’t want to be remembered as one!!!

The prime question here that’s going to pop up in your head is about your Car’s Safety! Hence, a thought arises about the Expensive Car Repairs associated with the automobile.  To minimize spending huge chunks of money, Car Maintenance should be on every car owner’s mind. Call it a need or a desire to keep your car expenses at bay, one has to have the preventive maintenance to safeguard the need of your car. There are ways one can avoid wallet busters by being aware, alert & decisive.

First rule starts checking the ordinary in the car. Make sure all the lights are functioning; check the air pressure in your tires once in 2 weeks.

Second is to tag sure for any strange sounds, inside-out & Make sure your tire gets enough tread.

Third in the checklist is the easiest, hands-on & more of a DIY thing. Replacing a cabin air filter, How to? Where to buy? What’s the cost? You will find it normally all the way down the glove box or sometimes behind it. One can get it at any mechanic shop nearby.

The next one is also quite basic & easy-to-do. Look over your oil to check its color & oil level. It’s easily identifiable whether it’s murky, muddy or clean oil.

Lastly will be to check up the battery in a six-month gap. Clean the contacts with battery cleaning brush which might set you a couple of bucks back.

Certain technical repair needs assistant guidance which can be fulfilled by forwarding your need to the mechanic as to what type of Car Services is required. Williamstown is a destination for every small and big car repairs where you will find best and reasonable car repairs. Car Service Williamstown is a one stop solution for all the recurring repairs of the car at an affordable and competitive rate. This helps for a  hassle free travel.

Follow a simple saying “Take care of your car in the garage & the car will take care of you on the road.”

It all boils down to this; five very crucial step that’s going to take care of your car for a lifetime.

The first step will be to Change your spark plugs incase when worn-out or covered in buildup, if you don’t, the engine’s going to stop working efficiently which in-turn can lead to a breakdown. Changing it once & installing iridium spark plug will pull your car without any adieu at 100,000 miles rather than copper plugs.

The second step is to get your alignment checked if you want to keep your car straight on the road avoiding any bad situation. Also, it’s very important to get the tires rotated & balanced in sync to drive smoother .

The third one sets the crux of the car’s heart (engine). It is to get your transmission checked & get it diagnosed if it’s automatic or manual. Problems like vehicle shuddering, Check Light coming on/off again.

The fourth one is complacent to third one. One needs to get the suspension valve & its plugs straight for a smooth drive & cruise-over. Without doing so, would result in toppling of car over the edge or feeling a bit bouncy/topsy-turvy.

The fifth one is the most-common problem all over the world, Clutch stabilizing issue. At times, clutch may disconnect from the flywheel (found in today’s latest car) which may cause problem like hard to select gears, burning smell from vehicle or clutch fluid leak.

To put up with and to avoid you coming to a halt in the middle of the road because of a car breakdown, keep a manual check which is within your boundaries and anything beyond this consult a right mechanic.

Special Care For Your Special Car

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Special Care For Your Special Car

The feeling of buying your dream car is amazing but to let that happiness last you need to take special care for the car. Special luxury cars require special care and your regular automobile mechanics or repair shops will not do. For the car to remain in best working condition, you have to ensure it gets proper maintenance and services at the right kind of mechanic outlet and at the right time. There are certain things to keep in mind when looking for a mechanic for your luxury car.

The Expert

The most important point to remember in searching for the car repair shop is to look for highly skilled team of mechanics. The mechanics should be specialized in the maintenance of luxury cars which are high performing. They need to have received extensive factory training, giving them the ability to provide quality maintenance and service for the luxury cars. An automobile repair shops for the luxury cars need to provide appropriate repair solutions and if required alternative parts options. Luxury cars are very sensitive. So, you need to hire a mechanic you can trust. You can start by giving small repair work or something like oil changing so that you can have an experience of their services.

Specialized Car Service

There are repair shops which mainly concentrate on the repair of specific kinds of imported luxury cars. This means that not every repair shop of luxury cars will be prepared to deliver the best service on your special car. For example you possess a Mercedes Benz, don’t just presume that any luxury car repair shop will be able to deliver adequate services. You need to ensure the shop you pick out specializes in the maintenance and repair of BMW vehicles.

There are many shops that specialize only in certain brands. They have the latest equipment and training to repair your vehicle. At times they are appointed by or registered with the manufactures and are trained certified by the car makers themselves to provide maintenance and repairs to that special car.

Services provided

For example, the servicing of BMW or Audi etc. requires specific diagnostic tools. These specific tools are used for repair of electrical systems, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and other problems in such special cars. Hence the mechanic shop should be able to provide some of the following services for your BMW or Audi.

  • General servicing
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Roadworthy Certificates
  • Carbon injector cleaning

Have mentioned only few of them, you need to check with the mechanics or their website which type of repairs and scheduled services are included at their shop.

Roadworthy Certificates

Being in Melbourne if you are purchasing a used car than Roadworthy certificate will be required. You also to need to check whether the mechanic shop is registered licensed car tester to provide Roadworthy certificate to your second hand car. Also need to check the fees they charged.

Finding a luxury car repair shop is different from finding regular repair shop. It requires lot of research. You should not wait for a repair work or service to come up to search for the right mechanic workshop.

Car Defects Paused To Car Effects…!

Car Defected Paused

Car Defects Paused To Car Effects...!

Safety starts with “S” & ends with “YOU”

Roadworthy Certificate Services (RCS) provided after the vehicle is examined by a licensed vehicle tester to safeguard the basic & vital parts of the vehicle along with its safety measures. This is forwarded only after the vehicle has passed a roadworthy inspection.

Is it worth an endeavour? To a greater extent, YES. This is highly beneficial to the owner as it safeguards his/her journey as his car has had a comprehensive analysis overall. Not only the tyres, wheel-rim, the lights, windows & wipers but also the interior like the seatbelts & the seats are thoroughly checked to ensure one’s safety. Last but not the least, a timely & regular inspection of the vehicle is schemed & encouraged to secure the safety of the commuter as to allow him to enjoy his drive & journey in an amusing way…who would want to have his journey as to filled with a can of worms ramming up the experience???

Hop at Car Service HOPPERS CROSSING… find out the worth!

So, get the car out at car service station like the one at Hopper’s Crossing Centre who takes an extra mile of care along with their top-notch experts & skilled team having necessite concern to help suffice the needs & comforts of the customer at an economical price. The team of skilled technician helps to generate refurbish cars. The areas of defects are well monitored & detected with the faith to ensure the best vehicle service needed. Furthermore, the clients are provided with roadworthy certificate at very reasonable price. Moreover, excellent advice is given with no forced sales, respecting the budget of the clients. Good service is done on time with the care of giving the best with the pocketed budget of the client.

The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it…!

How about to get loaded with tech-specs reviewing the basic demand of the car? For this, Vehicle Safety Technologies has become primary & common features in Melbourne. The older vehicles are involved in more fatalities proning the security of the person in dilemma. Thus, promoting & envisaging it to make it a habit for a long time has become a need of attention & a continuous improvement in vehicle safety. Annually, Car Safety requirements have been on the lead by introducing performance testing of safety assist technologies. Perfection is seeked to analyse & test & check a vehicle; for it must achieve minimum rating in each of the physical tests as well as meet minimum desideratum for the inclusion of the safety features. Adoption of advance tech has helped to shuffle its focus from passive safety features to active collision avoidance technologies.

Speed has 5 letters so has death… Slow has 4 letters so has Life…Ultimately the decision is for your better-half.

A Trendy Affair with Car Servicing!!!

Trendy affair

A Trendy Affair with Car Servicing!!!

Car – Care Always Right

Today with the advance in technology and a higher standard of living, a car which was a luxury certain years back, has now become a necessity.

Cars these days are far more complex with the new electronic systems and on-board computerizations. With this complex system come the maintenance and servicing. In the older times there was DIY maintenance and servicing but with the new cars, it is advisable to repair with authorize service station. Though there is a handful of information available on the internet for DIY servicing and maintenance of the cars but it should be followed for basic things, else there can be damage done.

With the onset of more and more cars, the car mechanic, repair, and maintenance companies have also come into the market. There is a fleet of them around you. Well with the advancement of new systems and automated cars, they are no longer car mechanics, they are professionals with wide knowledge of the cars and their systems. They look into car maintenance, problem detection, resolving the problem before it becomes trivial.

Certain special or expensive cars need special care and service. The Auto/Car Mechanic companies are given special equipment to monitor and detect issues with the cars.

Car services

Every Car Service Centre will offer you different packages and based on your needs choose the package wisely (for e.g. regular package, special package, damaged package etc.)

Following are the important checkpoint while servicing your car

  1. Service your car with the authorized service centre irrespective of the lifespan of your car.
  2. Visit the company website for the detail explanation on the various checks to be conducted on your car.
  3. The serviceman is following the rules laid down by the company for the service you have chosen.
  4. If possible be with the serviceman while he performs the check.

The car is just the emotional expression of yourself, and hence you will have to listen to what your car expresses as the case when you have to listen to your younger siblings or your child.

BDS Autocare winner of the Multicultural Entrepreneur 2016

Roadworthy service provider

Multicultural Entrepreneur Award

First ever inaugural Multicultural Entrepreneur Awards hosted by Wyndham City Council on the date of 8th July 2016. That was a great night with 150 nominees, Local business professionals, Community members and special guest also there.

It’s great honour to receive that award from the Wyndham City Council. Over 150 nominees if you get an award that is really feel proud. BDS Autocare really work hard to achieve this award.

BDS AUTOCARE won the established multicultural business of the year 2016 for delivering excellent customer service to all its clients.

BDS Auto care provides an affordable alternative when it comes to new car service and maintenance. We believe in quality service and honest advice and only because of this, they service approximately 3000 Cars in the area of Wyndham only.

BDS Auto care is the largest independent roadworthy service provider in Melbourne So, Come and try our car service and make it smooth never like before.

Why Your Roadworthy Certificate Harm You Extra Costs?

Roadworthy Certificate Hoppers Crossing

Roadworthy Certificate Hoppers Crossing

Nowadays people need to understand when car need service and if we ignore it, so it will give you an extra cost after some time. If you ignore small fault in your car so you will definitely welcome a major problem, because small things become big by the time. As we discussed in our previous blog that how to keep your car service last longer in hoppers crossing, the same thing is followed so it will be good for your car and also good for your pocket.

We all know about Roadworthy certificate like when we need and how can we get it but after getting that certificate make it last longer and how much it safe for other buyer or seller also. Roadworthy is not a car service it’s related to safety and after getting that certificate driver who drives become safe and also other people also safe who will be part of that journey in that car. You need to know first that the vehicle you drive is safe or not and every basic part is working properly or not.

But, what should we do if we don’t want to spend extra money in the name of roadworthy, so you don’t need to think much about it. Just don’t ignore small problems and make it clear as soon as possible and make it clear before it going to be worst. Any vehicle you drive is must need to take care and always check once in a month that is all parts are working fine, by doing this you will definitely make your car last longer and always safe from the extra cost.

If you don’t know much about your car and still want to make it perfect without harm your pocket so BDS Autocare is here for you. They are one of the best in the area of automobile service and care. They also provide Roadworthy certificate in Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown, Point Cook, Geelong and Melbourne. Contact us for any kind of assistance related to your car will surely help you to make your car fault free.

Do you know which service your car need actually?

Car-Services Hopper Crossing

Car-Services Hopper CrossingSo, now it’s time to get serviced your car.

Whenever you think about car service so first make it clear what your car want actually. There are mainly three types of service we provide like Minor, Interim and Major.

People facing problems at the time of choosing service among this given above, but think why you need to choose this kind of service whether you go for regular. So, if you do not follow the car’s logbook servicing schedule considered by all leading motors company. By doing this you are doing unfair to your vehicle.

Now, we define what is the difference between all this service and what you should prefer for your car. We start from Minor car service.

Minor car service

It’s general kind of service or called a minor service. In this service, we replacing the oil and filter of the engine. It’s the only part would be used in this service, any additional parts serviced depends on your car’s fault and only replaced with customer’s authorisation.

Minor Service also includes an under-body and under-bonnet safety inspection. The inspection process does not take enough time, in this also fluid levels checked, Brakes, tyres and light of the system.

Interim car service

This is second types of service which are very less used nowadays, It was mostly used at the time of an engine oil change or oil filter change between this what vehicle manufacturer set for normal service intervals.

This oil change additionally performed may be vehicle was used under tough conditions, or may be used in the dusty environment or racing etc.
In this, service may not include any further mechanical checks unless such as precise parts need an attention.

Major car service

Major car service is always confusing compared to other services, I want, to be honest with you, a maximum number of mechanics reach to the car’s service book rubbing their heads, At Which mileages what components need to be changed. Every car maker has its own recommendation for mileages, in this they trying to indicate some general parts replacement like timing belts, spark plug, cabin filters, fuel filters etc.

Major Service includes an engine oil change and filter change, but if we talk about the rest of the work including in this service can grab your thousands of dollars for an extra work.


Always keep your history of service accurate so your mechanic always understands your car problem and take proper decisions for your vehicle which can help to save your money.

Whatever mechanic you choose for your vehicle you have to trust him. If you don’t know such mechanic on which you can trust so BDS Autocare is one of them. They provide car service in Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown in Victoria. They provide all kind of service given above to your vehicle and also gives you exact advice for your vehicle.

Contact us for the best service and support for your vehicle.

Small hurdles before getting Roadworthy Certificate Inspections

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

We often questioned to our customers about common defects occurred in cars, only because of that they can’t clear roadworthy certificate inspections.

This all are very common problems which we discussed in this blog but now first we understand why roadworthy certificate is very important.

Why we required Licence to drive a car?

We all know to prove yourself as a good driver you must need a licence, which ensure others also for the safety purpose. That is our right to be safe at the time of driving, same as if driver need a licence for the drive so, whatever thing we drive that also needs to be perfect for the sake of safety, but how you know that is it safe or not? That’s why we required Roadworthy certificate which insures us whatever vehicle we are driving is also safe and no need to worry about it.

A major part of this certificate is only Safety, in this inspection, it covers lot many things which are very important to keep our roads smooth. So, below we discussed some most common reasons and because of that, your roadworthy certificate inspection fails.

Suspension Bushing – Bushings are made of strong pieces of rubber, it connect your suspension components with the car. Without bushing, you can’t imagine to ride a car. You are always expecting that your car runs well with precision, but if any of the bushings are damaged at the time of driving and you are somewhere in a wrong place so that could cause a problem for you or may be others.

Tyres – Tyres are the only things which make your car move and connect to the road. Tyre’s most important work is grip, it grips your car on the road but in any reason, it loses its grip so you know how well you have to maintain your tyres. This is the one who help us in stop, accelerate, turn and drive. Low tread depth, side damage may be the reason for the failure of your roadworthy.

Power Steering – Modern Power steering fitted with elecrictronics and hydraulics, which gives you more control and easy handling. But it also needs care, in this hydraulic systems which contain oil in pipes rarely leaks and if not fixed, can huge effect on your car control. So this is also might be the reason for roadworthy failure.

Tinted windows – If you are using tint film on windows so be careful before using it because VicRoads has very strict rules regarding that. Using tint may give you several benefits like privacy, heat etc. But for your personal benefit they can’t overlook safety. Tints darkness measured in VLT%. Higher the number, the lighter the tint. 35% darkest tint get permits from VicRoads. Yet in some cases, they allow 30% also. But you make sure if you want to use tint for your windows so the VLT% reading is minimum 35% or higher for getting an easily roadworthy certificate.

Above given are very small and common problems which can be solved easily and if you still not satisfied with your roadworthy inspection so come to us at BDS Autocare. We are one of the best at our niche. We are giving all kind of service like car service, Roadworthy certificate in Melbourne, Hoppers crossing, Point Cook and Williamstown.

Difference between Car Service and Roadworthy Service



People need to understand the difference between car service and roadworthy service and when it is actually needed. As we know every car need service time to time but which kind of service? Regular car service or a roadworthy service, now we explain the difference between this two services, so it will be clearer to you.

Regular Car Service:

As we said in our previous blog about car service, again we advise you don’t ignore small problems. We all need to know about its basics like check your engine oil and change it if needed, same as check other fluid also which is given in your car manual. Check your tyre pressure. Check your breaks and most important thing is schedule your car inspection on time and service your car when needed, it will definitely help your car to get in major problem and save your thousands of bucks.

Roadworthy Service:

When you require roadworthy certificate is such certain condition like your vehicle is sold or re-registered. This certificate is only issued by a licenced vehicle tester. You can get that certificate only if your vehicle passed a roadworthy check.

What parts they check at the time of roadworthy check:

  1. Wheels and tyres.
  2. Steering, suspension and braking systems.
  3. Seats and seat belts.
  4. Lamps and reflectors.
  5. Windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers.
  6. The structure of the vehicle itself.
  7. Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

Above parts are being checked at the time of roadworthy and if any of this not working proper so you don’t get that certificate. So be careful for that.


At the time of regular service you don’t have to pay that much amount and do regular service. Check only necessary part in which you feel problem otherwise no need to check it but at the time of roadworthy you need to inspect all above things and if it’s not working properly so you must make it proper and then you get that certificate.

We, BDS Autocare are licenced vehicle tester who provide roadworthy certificate in the area of Melbourne, Geelong, Williamstown, Hoppers Crossing and Point cook. We also provide car service of every brand and make your car smooth like butter.