Why your car service never works out the way you plan

Audi Car Service

Audi Car ServiceBuy a new car or a second hand that is not the problem but taking care of it is a more important thing. Every car need service when it requires and definitely for sure people are doing it regularly when it needed, but most of the time it does not work out the way you plan and you have to service your car again before you plan. So here I come with some tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary car service.

Take Action on Small Issues Before It Become Huge And Hurt Your Pocket

At the time of drive if you noticed the persistent noise, feel steering wheel judder or your car drag to one side.
All this small thing need to be care because it’s all are just beginning but if you avoid it so it’s become the giant issue, early detection of the problem will not harm your car as well as your pocket but delayed will cause a big problem.

Always check tyre pressure

It’s only tyred which move you to go on, technically it’s the last piece of the process of your car at the time of turning or breaking. Tyres should be inflated properly given in its manual. If its pressure is not proper as describe will definitely affect your fuel consumption, also you face problem at the time of breaking.
If you don’t know the recommended tyre pressure, ask to tyre, it’s written on each tyres side wall. It’s also provided on the label stick on the door jam of your car.

Check Oil

Oil works for an engine like running blood in our heart. It should change regularly as describe in your logbook. It’s the only way to keep your engine as good as possible and maintain your car’s performance.
If you didn’t change your oil on time and it gets dirty will decrease the engine’s efficiency. Engine need to work hard to moving its parts and it generates more friction, this all things reduce its performance and in future hurt your pocket as well.

Check Fluids

Above we discussed oil that how much important it is for your car but it’s not the only fluid which needs to take care. In a car, you need to check coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid.
If you don’t know how to check them so check your handbook, it’s the only friend which can help you to understand your car’s features. In this, you can check how to deal with all this fluid, how to check its fluid level and all other things related to your car.

Drive with Manner

Follow all above things like a small issue, fluid, tyres etc. It’s not done yet because at the end this thing depends on your drive. If you drive like you are on a racing track and drive some racing car so it won’t good for your car’s health.
Smooth drive and proper braking will increase your car’s life.

Protect your car from the Sun

In Australia feel like the sun is down towards to us and it too hot to continue for humans at times, but that is not only tough for humans as well as cars also. Usually, at home, we protect our car with carport or park in or garage but you can’t take it all the way far away from your home.
So, now what you do if you are not at home, at this time we have to find such good place to park your car which can be good for your paintwork and interior. Too hot weather will definitely harm your car’s paintwork and it’s interior and you will protect it.

Air filter

The air filter is work like a shield and protects your engine from foreign bodies to entering into it. It’s very important part of your car and its need to be changed after every 20,000 km to make your engine fit and healthy like you. To replace an air filter is not a rocket science, it can be changed by anyone by go through your handbook.
If you don’t take it seriously, so your engine will not take you seriously and harm your pocket and your car indeed.


BDS Autocare, We suggest you all the basic rule to make your car service worth your money and not to harm your pocket much. But if you need to know all things in detail and make your car’s life good then visit our service station where we can service all type of cars mostly Audi and BMW with modern amenities and our experienced technician will take care of everything.
We serve at different places in Melbourne like Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown, Geelong and Point Cook.

Come to BDS Autocare for Best Service of Your Audi Car

Audi car service

Audi car service
Since last few decennium German cars is most talkative topic or we can say talk of the town for such specific brands, into that Audi is one of them which is well-known for its super technical facilities and extraordinary features. All these things make it most desirable car for lot many people. Now if have a grand car like an Audi so it also needs a great care, on time repairing and maintenance, for all this service you only trust certified Audi Service centre.

If the car is like an Audi so, for that you always prefer authentic place for your Audi car service which is well-known Audi service centre.

It is always to suitable to use the part when needed be sure that is for the same make at the time of maintenance and service at the time of change the body part. For the shake of saving few dollars sometime they choose local garage for repair or maintenance but beware of this kind of scheme and don’t do that with your cars because maximum time they used fake parts which affect your car performance and also in future increase your maintenance cost. You can’t trust on this servicing centres, whatever parts is being fitted to your car is the correct brand or is it genuine or not that is also you have check, if you don’t do all this thigs so always go only company’s service canter or any authorised service canter for your precious car.

Maintenance team of Audi and its authorized service centres are the best in their own niche. They are expert who gives you the highest and quality service which meet all time highest Audi Standards. You can find its service canter all over the world.

Nowadays Audi is one of the most successful car not only for its best quality of manufacturing, but you forgot about its friendly and remarkable service all over the world at its service centre as well as its authorized service canter.

If you are finding any of this authorized Audi car service centre in the area of Melbourne so BDS Autocare is that what you are looking for. They have all the modern amenities and gives you the best solution for your Audi car.

Contact us for more detail about it.

Want a Roadworthy for Your Vehicle so Come to BDS Autocare

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Everybody knows when you buy or sell a vehicle so you need a roadworthy certificate. It’s very important to get a roadworthy for your vehicle. BDS is dedicated to his work and provide the best service to their client. We provide the best quote for your vehicle and give you exact guideline what to do with your vehicle. Which parts needs to be change and which part is good and you should keep it for now.

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Which part you need to inspect at the time of Roadworthiness so here are the check list given below.

  1. Wheels and tyres.
  2. Steering, suspension and braking systems.
  3. Seats and seat belts.
  4. Lamps and reflectors.
  5. Windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers.
  6. The structure of the vehicle itself.
  7. Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

Above given parts need to be checked at the time, BDS Autocare have all modern amenities to check your car and giving you the roadworthy certificate in Melbourne and Nearby suburbs like Geelong, Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown and Point cook.

More than just your average car service

Car Services

Car Services

Service a car is also an art which can’t be done by anyone. It also needs care at the time of service. Now a days no one notice such things and they just start service the car but it’s not like that. Before start service we have to check what she wants actually. We have to diagnose first very gently.

Diagnose the car is very first step for service. In recent time automobile world is going so far. To give comfort it goes beyond the limit. Whatever cars we found in our present times they all fitted with OBDII System which is new standard gives you nearly full engine control, in this also you can monitors all parts fixed in the chassis, Body and additional devices and last but not least we can control and diagnostic the network of the car.

EFI tuning & Services is also noticeable thing in cars. It’s good for your cars and also good for engine. It increases engine’s fuel efficiency with improved cylinder-to-cylinder fuel circulation of multi-point fuel injection. It means less fuel required for the similar power output.
To understand this system is not easy for everyone but BDS Autocare gives you the full service of EFI. BDS have Special EFI technician who can handle it all kind of problems related to EFI system.

Checklist which includes EFI Service:

  • New air filter
  • New fuel filter
  • Air intake cleaning
  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • Cleaning battery terminals
  • Checking all sensors and free diagnosing report of Engine management system
  • Throttle body cleaning

As above we mentioned about EFI same like that modern car is more investing on safety also. If you have a latest car so your car fitted with Air bags, ABS, EBD, ESP and TSC Etc. There are lot many safety features you can find it which runs electrically. So if your car facing any problem related to this stuff which I mentioned before, Check your electrical system or go the good service station like BDS Autocare which are expert in it.

Getting certificate of roadworthiness is also become a headache now a days because people are going for its regular roadworthy check-up and they are getting disappointed with some service centre due to their rude nature and giving inappropriate budget for the car, showing unnecessary expense and getting cheated. BDS Autocare gives you the best advice which suite your car also its registered roadworthy certificate centre, they provide roadworthy certificate to their clients on very cheap rate.

In Melbourne, Australia lot many car services centre who can service a car but in that very few are really identify the actual problem. But such good Service centre is also there like BDS Autocare. They check your car with all kind modern amenities and diagnose the tangible problem. They have very vast experience of it. BDS Autocare’s team is very erudite and imperturbable.

Know How to Maintain Your Vehicle Roadworthy Longer

roadworthy certificate in Melbourne

roadworthy certificate in Melbourne

When you required a roadworthy certificate?

At the time of vehicle sold or re-register a used vehicle or have some defect in a vehicle and wants to clear that so in this all cases you need to get a roadworthy certificate.

How we get this certificate?

Now we know when we actual required this certificate but still question arise that where can we get this certificate? So this certificate we get only when a vehicle go through a licensed vehicle tester. Certificate is issued when a vehicle pass all the test and inspection.

Suppose a vehicle fails so whatever parts is not fulfil the requirements so tester will prepare a rejection certificate and gives you 7 days to repair or replace that part and if a user take more than 7 days so full vehicle inspection will required for it.

What parts need to be perfect at the time of inspection?

• Wheels and Tyres
• Steering, Braking System and Suspensions
• Seat, Seatbelts and Airbags
• Light and Reflectors
• Windscreen, wipers, Washers and Windows
• Engine and Transmission Oil Leaks
• Battery

Above given parts need to be perfect to get that certificate.

BDS Autocare is also provide a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne. They are Licenced vehicle tester in Geelong, Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown, Point cook. They are using all Morden amenities to repair a car and gives you the right advice for your vehicle to make it perfect and solve probably all the problems at the time of service.

They have very experienced mechanic who take care of your car very carefully and make it absolutely perfect at very affordable price so, come here for any kind of service related to Vehicle.

Methods to Keep Your Wheels Rolling Without Being Disappointed

In the recent times, there are more improved and better precautionary measures taken to ensure the safety of electronic features of vehicles by the automotive industry, as the vehicle manufacturers have launched many factors

for the security in vehicles such as –

  • Anti-lock Braking System – which allows the wheels on a motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to the inputs by the driver to prevent the wheels from locking up as well as avoids uncontrolled drifts while applying the brakes.
  • Traction Control System- which is designed in such a way so as to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.
  • Electronic Brake force Distribution- is a technology that automatically differs the amount of force applied to each of a vehicle’s wheels, based on road conditions, speed, loading etc,.
  • Electronic Stability Program- It is accompanied with two safety modes – ABS and TCS and also increases the vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction.
  • Air Bags-which helps to reduce the speed at the time of accidents without getting injured.

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne provides certificate of roadworthiness which is normally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be registered which helps in minimizing the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road.

A roadworthy inspection is a check on the vehicles to make sure that the main components are intact and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use which also comprises of the following :-

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering suspension and braking systems
  • Seat and seat belts
  • Lamps and reflectors
  • Windscreen and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
  • Structure of the vehicle and other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

It is a regular servicing and tuning which ensures your vehicle is maintained in the topmost condition to run economically.

EFI stands for Electronic Fuel Injection which is fitted to most of the modern vehicles with advanced computer controls with a high pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency which is again controlled by an electronic control unit.

EFI problems can be caused by dirty fuel or a blocked injector. However, at times the fault lies somewhere within the EFI system using advanced diagnostic testers. Some of the common features are poor fuel economy, backfiring, ‘running on’ when the car is turned off and rough idling.

Last but not the least, BDS auto care prevents its customers on huge bills that they are likely to receive by going straight to the dealerships. In short, it is an assurance for not being disappointed.

The safest and easiest way to avoid such problems is through SYSTEM MAINTENANCE that will ensure peak efficiency.