Know How to Maintain Your Vehicle Roadworthy Longer

roadworthy certificate in Melbourne

roadworthy certificate in Melbourne

When you required a roadworthy certificate?

At the time of vehicle sold or re-register a used vehicle or have some defect in a vehicle and wants to clear that so in this all cases you need to get a roadworthy certificate.

How we get this certificate?

Now we know when we actual required this certificate but still question arise that where can we get this certificate? So this certificate we get only when a vehicle go through a licensed vehicle tester. Certificate is issued when a vehicle pass all the test and inspection.

Suppose a vehicle fails so whatever parts is not fulfil the requirements so tester will prepare a rejection certificate and gives you 7 days to repair or replace that part and if a user take more than 7 days so full vehicle inspection will required for it.

What parts need to be perfect at the time of inspection?

• Wheels and Tyres
• Steering, Braking System and Suspensions
• Seat, Seatbelts and Airbags
• Light and Reflectors
• Windscreen, wipers, Washers and Windows
• Engine and Transmission Oil Leaks
• Battery

Above given parts need to be perfect to get that certificate.

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